With it's ability to shoot 12 stops of dynamic range at an astonishing 50 Million Pixels,
many Photographers hold this to be the single best camera on the planet. James is one
of the elite few photographers in the world fortunate enough to be a member of the
Hasselblad family. His work has even earned him a featured spot on their website.
Hasselblad cameras were most famously used on
the NASA Apollo moon landing missions. In 2009,
James had a chance to meet Buzz Aldrin to discuss
his experiences photographing on the moon.

James practices the time-honored art of photography while bringing a new life to traditional techniques using the most cutting edge lenses,
cameras, and digital development processes available today. For example: James's fine art prints are exposed onto a special crystal archival
paper using a high intensity laser. However, they are still developed from that point using a very traditional
silver halide chemical process (think dark room). This gives the ultimate in sharpness, color, and clarity
while maintaining the tradition, art, and archival properties of a true photographic print.

Each and every James Azure Limited Edition Photograph is individually printed, signed, and numbered by
James. He also issues an official certificate of authenticity guaranteeing each image's provenance.

James started out life with the perfect ingredients for success as a Photographer. With an Engineer for a Father, and an Artist for a Mother he had
access to the inspiration and knowledge from both an artistic, and an engineering perspective.
James was also born with a passion for those moments of true wonder that we all experience
a little too rarely. James has spent his young adult life pursuing those methods in which
he could not only experience more wonder himself, but create a way for others to
experience it as well. So far this has included: Flying, Film-Making, Magic, and Photography.
James first discovered his passion for Photography when received his first 35mm camera at age 13. It was a 1963 Kodak Retinette passed down
from his Grandfather to his Father and finally to James.
James's adventures into film making had a dramatic impact on his Photographic style, leading to a much more pronounced use of Panoramic
Photography in his portfolio.
James has been featured by countless media outlets-including NBC, FOX, and National Geographic. He has been a popular guest lecturer at the
University of Colorado on the topics of Photography, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. He is also well established as an elite member of the
Professional Photographers of America, the Center for Fine Art Photography, and the Photographic Society of America.
Currently, James is a full time professional fine art photographer traveling to the most spectacular locations on the
planet working hard to bring you the beauty, emotion, and essence of the people, places, and views he encounters
along the way. At the young age of 28, this up and coming photographer is definitely someone to watch.
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